Why I LOVE Packing Cubes!

OMG I leave for my backpacking adventure in South East Asia in less than two weeks. I finally have some free time to sort out what I am going to be packing for my trip. Unlike my everyday messy self, I do like to be very organized when I travel. Living out of a backpack is hard enough without having to deal with not being able to find things when I need them. Staying organized when traveling is a must for me.


 My FAVORITE way to stay organized when I travel are packing cubes. These little beauties have changed the way I pack. They save a ton of space, keep everything organized, and essentially act as drawers when you get to your destination. No more having to unpack the whole backpack in order to find a sweatshirt and then spending the next ten minutes re-rolling all of the clothes back up again!


I ordered my on TradeMe and they came with three different sized zippered pouches. My  set also came with some different sized laundry bags. These are perfect for separating clean clothes from the dirty ones when everything gets jumbled in a backpack.

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