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Since HCMC is the street food capital of Vietnam, I knew I was going to have the do the XO Tours – The Foodie. I have already posted about how much I loved XO Tours – The Sights that I had went on earlier that day.

This tour company is awesome! XO stands for Xe Om – which are motorbike taxis in Vietnam. The girls are so much fun to hang out with and the food we had was incredible.

The Foodie Tour ($72 USD) focuses on street food dishes that most people outside of Vietnam have not had a chance to experience. Every night like clockwork food stands and informal restaurants seem to magically appear around the streets. As the sun set we got on the back of the scooters for the second time that day and headed to the lesser known districts to try some of the best street food around.


Our first stop was a small local restaurant in District One. Here I tried my first time a bowl of Bun Bo Hue (Hue style beef rice noodle soup) and met the fellow travellers who were on the tour.


After this stop we zoomed in and out of traffic around China Town and ended up in District 8. This District has recently became famous for grilled meat and hotpots. We sat in the famous Vietnamese red chairs (Sam trying to fit in them is so dang funny and I am so gutted that I don’t have a picture of it). We started off with the girls grilling us goats breast and okra in a delicious tofu sauce.


We also ate frog or “jumping KFC” as the locals call it. It was actually pretty delicious and did in fact taste like chicken.


My favorite were the prawns! The girls were amazing and even peeled them for us. The atmosphere here was awesome and so much fun. It was the type of place local families could sit back and have a few drinks and a bite to eat. We drank, played games, and tried to learn the Vietnamese language.

Hello! – Xin chào!                                                                                                                                                           My Name is Kater. – Tên tôi là Kater.                                                                                                                                 OMG! – Trời ơi!


From here we got back onto the scooters and drove to District 7. District 7 is a up-and-coming district home to wealthy Vietnamese and expats. This district is like being on a different planet compared to the other districts around Ho Chi Minh City. The streets are wide and traffic free with tall apartment blocks and modern restaurants and shops. We did not eat here but it was definitely worth the visit!


Our last stop was District 4  which is famous for seafood! My favorite dish of the whole night were the scallops! The scallops were covered with peanuts and onions and then a drizzle of chilli oil on top. SOOOOOO GOOD! We also ate clams and crab. District 4 was definitely my favorite!


The traditional dipping sauce in Vietnam for seafood dishes is a chili/salt/pepper/ mixed with a bit of fresh lime juice.


After this is was time to say our goodbyes to our guide and fellow travellers on the tour. We hopped back on the back of the scooters, satisfied with all of the food we had eaten. We got dropped off at our hotel and parted from the girls for the last time.

A huge thank you to XO Tours and the girls! This tour was AMAZING and I would recommend it to everyone (definitely worth the extra money over the other tours).

Have you guys gone on a food tour before? Was it amazing? Any recommendations on tours/things to do as we make our way up the coast?



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