My Top 3 Favorite Coffee Spots in Hoi An

Anyone that knows me knows that I think of myself as a coffee connoisseur. I am OBSESSED with coffee and whenever I travel I insist on stopping at as many coffee shops as I possible can.  Hoi An was filled with so many little coffee shops which made making this list a bit of a challenge. But nonetheless I have done it! Drum roll please….

1). Rosie’s Cafe


This very quaint and peaceful cafe is tucked into an alley hidden in the old quarter of Hoi An and run by two fabulous sisters. The breakfast menu is small but has everything you could need (and has great prices 25,000 – 50,000 VND). This cafe is known for it’s delicious cold brew and pressed juices, I of course had to try both! We came here a couple times and it was always such a treat. It is definitely a hidden gem with a very chilled atmosphere which is nice to relax in and get away from it all for a bit. It has free WiFi and very welcoming staff.

To get here go over the Japenese covered bridge (from the old quarter) and take the first right into an alley and keep going just past Nu eatery.

 img_7244 img_7245 img_7246

2). Cocobox 


Cocobox was a close second. This cafe has two locations – both of which are in the old town and are a great place to people watch. The staff are lovely and give you cold cloths when you enter the cafe. We came here multiple times and tried different things. The juices and smoothies were amazing (60,000 to 75,000 VND).

Tip: Get espresso in your smoothie!

 img_7248 img_7249 img_7250 img_7251

3). Hoi An Roastery 


This cool oasis in the middle of Hoi An township was a real find, although they do have other locations! Their delicious iced Vietnamese coffee  with condensed milk was great on a hot day. This place is a perfect hangout with friendly staff and a very relaxing atmosphere. It is definitely the most modern of the three and is a perfect place if you are after a more western coffee experience.

img_7255img_7254 img_7252

Have you guys tried out the coffee scene in Hoi An? Am I missing any out? Thanks for reading!

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