5 Ways to be a Productive Traveler

5 Ways To be a productive traveler

1. Get Up Early

Thanks to my previous 9-5 work schedule, I am an early riser at home, which means I am an early riser when I travel. This allows me to  get up early and see a sunrise, or have my favorite meal of the day, and watch the city I’m in wake up while fewer tourists are around.I LOVE seeing what breakfasts looks like around the globe.

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2.  Have a Plan 

If you are in a destination for a limited amount of time it is important to know what you want to see and what you are not willing to miss out on while you are there. Make sure to prioritize what is most important to you and what you are happy to miss if the day goes by faster than expected.

 3. Take Breaks

If you have your day planned down to the minute it can lead you to feel exhausted and not be in the moment to enjoy what you are doing and seeing. I recommend leaving time throughout your day to have a cup of coffee, a nice lunch, or even a quick power nap.

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4.  Challenge Yourself to Try Something New

Try  something that scares you. Eat something foreign. Push yourself out of your comfort zone – even if it’s only an inch or two. A trip should always challenge you and teach you something you new and exciting about yourself.


5.  Have a Solid Night’s Sleep

Have a great night’s sleep so you can get up early the next day and feel refreshed and ready for your next adventure! A bad night’s sleep can cause you to feel tired and unmotivated the next day. I recommend trying to stick to a sleep schedule while you are away on a holiday by going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday.

Do  you have any tips for a productive day while travelling? Let me know! 🙂

One thought on “5 Ways to be a Productive Traveler

  1. Maria says:

    Agree with waking up early – I seem to wake up even earlier than usual, when I’m on a trip. Must be all the excitement! I also noticed, that planning everything is not a good way to go – there must be some time for unexpected things and places. I just love to melt into new city, be a part of the crowd, imagine that I live there..

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